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How to Choose the Perfect Cruise Line for You

What Cruise Line is Right for Me?

With every cruise trip that you take, there’s one huge question that must be asked: which ship are you going on? If you’re scoffing and saying, “Well, it’s just a ship! Food, drinks, pools—they’re all basically the same!” then you probably haven’t gone on a cruise yet. And that, of course, is why we are here. Patriot Port Parking (who knows a thing or two about cruising) can say that one of the biggest parts of planning a cruise vacation is deciding which ship is the best for you and your party. Here are some of the things to ask yourself when looking at the cruise ships in the port you’ve chosen.

Where Do I Want to Go?

Where you want to go will determine the cruise lines and ships available to you. Caribbean? Alaska? Mexico? Not only do certain cruise lines cater to different areas where you could be sailing, but some cruise lines won’t sail at all from some ports. Choosing your destination first is a good trick to narrowing down which cruise lines are available to you!

How Long Do I Want My Cruise to Be?

Are you looking for a short three to five-day cruise? Or is your party wanting a luxurious escape lasting ten or more days? Believe it or not, cruise lines specialize in different cruise lengths. You’ll find most Carnival cruises are much shorter than Norwegian’s when sailing from Port Canaveral. There are a lot of options for cruise length, and this will definitely impact which cruise you want to take.

How Much Do I Want to Spend?

Cruise line pricing varies not only between their different cruises but also between the lines themselves. So, what are you (and your wallet) in the mood for? Luxury cruise line or casual cruising? With cruises, Port Canaveral has two great cruises for a budget: Carnival and Norwegian. Explore the different options at the port you’ve chosen and you’ll see the price of your cruise vary based on the ship, the cabin, the package, and the entertainment.

You’ll want to explore hidden fees (like drink packages, off-ship excursions, and food) with different cruise lines when planning your budget! (And remember, there are lots of ways to save money while cruising!)

Who is in My Party?

Your traveling companions will make or break a cruise vacation depending on what cruise line you choose. Are you bringing young kids who will need a lot of attention and entertainment? Are you and your spouse enjoying a getaway with romance and luxury? Or does your party have a lot of college kids who will want to experience the nightlife? Some cruise lines like Disney will do great with some groups and totally terrible with others, like teens who would prefer Royal Caribbean. (Imagine your romantic meal serenaded by Elsa from Frozen—not great, right?)

What Ship Size Am I Comfortable With?

Whether you’re choosing a little riverboat cruise or a huge mega-ship on the ocean, your cruise will change based on the size of the ship you choose. The bigger the ship, the more people will be around you. And often, there aren’t many places to escape to since you’re on a ship! Whether you’re good with crowds is a good thing to consider. Cruise ship size impacts a lot more than just how many people are on board, though. Ship size will impact price, entertainment, seasickness, and itinerary. Many smaller ships will be more personalized with smaller ports, but they also won’t have room for some of the entertainment options that ships like the Oasis of the Seas will have.

Happy Sailing!

These five big influences on your cruise are great places to start when trying to decide what cruise line and ship to choose. Your cruise will change more than you realize based on your cruise line, so do yourself a favor and research a little before your final decision. Then, you’re all set. Enjoy an adventure on your amazing cruise vacation!

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